Ludwigstraße 75-77, 67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Mo-So 11:30–14:30 - 17:30–23:30

Thanks for visiting Agra Mahal!

We heartly welcome you to our Indian Tandoori Restaurant Agra Mahal!

We offer you a rich selection of traditional North Indian Appetizers, Tandoori Specialities, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes and Desserts. The Indian Cuisine uses varied spices like Kurkuma, Cloves, Cardamon, Caraway Seeds, Anise, Ginger etc. Many of these are also used in the Indian Medicines. Almost in every Indian household there’s a Tandoor which is a Clay Oven in which flat bread is baked and meat, fish and vegetables are grilled. This gives the food unique aroma and taste.

All dishes are prepared fresh.

Every main course is served with high quaility Basmati Rice. We obtain our Meat and Fish items from reputed German and New Zealand supplieres. We procure vegetables mainzly from palatinate farms.

While ordering, please let us know whether you want the dishes mild, semi-hot or spicy hot

We wish you a pleasant stay and Bon Apétit!

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Ludwigstraße 75-77, 67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein